Conversations On Race | Replacement Theory

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The country’s first racial justice coalition, New Detroit has trained more than 20,000 people over its 55 year history.

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Director of Community Engagement: Marshalle promotes positive race relations by developing and maintaining relationships that convene the Arab, Chaldean, African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American communities throughout southeast Michigan. As lead facilitator for New Detroit’s Leadership Series on R.A.C.E., Marshalle conducts regional forums with representatives from a cross section of businesses, civic groups, educational institutions, health services and community-based organizations. She is committed to cultivating cross-cultural collaboration between diverse communities by developing collective strategies and solutions that affect social equity.
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Director of Programs & Services: Rebecca joined New Detroit December 1, 2021, after spending the last 16 years in the education sector. Rebecca is an educator and activist who opens spaces of peace and cross-cultural communication around the world. Her work encompasses the creation of experiential learning in social skills, diversity, cultural awareness and communication training for marginalized youth, organizations, institutions, and governmental groups. Rebecca was part of the team winning the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize and holds Consulting Status at the United Nations. She has spoken at and worked with prominent institutions such as Harvard Law School, the Yale Policy Conference, NJ Department of Education, Rutgers University, the National Liberty Museum and The PyeongChang Global Peace Forum, to name a few.